Ongoing Renovations and Facility Upgrades — December 2018

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

The renovation and rejuvenation of Cane Creek Marina boat slips continues….

During the winter off-season, we will be working on a number of areas to continue to enhance facilities for the benefit of our guests. We will publicize in our newsletter and on our FB page as completed, but here is a preview of improvement plans for the Spring 2019 season:

  • Gas Service: As we have mentioned before, the permitting process has taken longer than we anticipated. We do now expect gas to be available on Dock A to fill-up your boat in the Spring! We are targeting gas to be available for the last weekend of March.
  • Washer / Dryer: A number of first season guests asked if we could add a washer / dryer to the campground. After a great family day at the lake there can be a lot of towels to wash and dry! Our goal is to have a coin operated washer / dryer facility added to the current bathhouse facility by the last weekend of March. The facility will be for the private use of registered guests and accessible by key.
  • Water Service: The Cane Creek Campground has not historically had winter water access. Typically, water has been shutoff at the first sign of frost (usually around mid-November) and turned back on around mid-March. Although many customers utilize the campground predominantly during the months from late March to early November, a few customers have requested water access during the winter months. In response, during winter 2018/2019 season (December to March) we will begin adding all year round water facilities to campsites, with our goal to have all year round water available for all campsites from November / December 2019 onwards.
  • Slip Enhancements: To enhance security, over the winter season video cameras are being added to each dock. To improve safety and deter non-registered guests from walking on the docks, over the winter season we are adding ‘No Fishing’ signs to make it clear that fishing is prohibited from the docks.
  • Lighting Upgrades: To improve overall lighting around the campground during the evening, we have been working with the local power company to repair, replace bulbs and turn on a number of additional campground lights. This will be completed during the winter season.
  • Shoreline: We are working to further improve the shoreline, including removal of brush and small trees and trimming of lower branches to enhance the views of the lake from campsites, particularly from the first part of the campground as you enter. We anticipate this work will be completed by February 2019, while leaves are down.