Cane Creek Wedding– Couple Weds at Kentucky Lake Marina & Campground

Friday, November 13th, 2020

Cane Creek Wedding– our marina makes a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding day

Ruth & Curtis

Curtis was born and raised in MI, but moved to Tennessee more than 15 years ago. After a divorce a couple years ago, Curtis found himself needing a place to stay, since he works on the river as a Mate on a tow boat and he was only home every 28 days, he decided to buy an RV, which he stays in when visiting Cane Creek.

Ruth was born in Spain, while her dad was in the Air Force, but spent most of her childhood in MN, and VA. After attending Bible College in MI, she met and married her first husband. They has spent 31 years together when he passed away in 2019 after a battle with cancer. Ruth had to sell her house, and she too found herself living in an RV in TN, on a friend’s property.

Ruth and Curtis both decided to try the online dating scene due to the Coronavirus, and both found themselves on For Ruth, only a week in, she realized it wasn’t for her, and was about to cancel her membership, when Curtis “liked” her profile. She “checked it out,” and saw he too lived in an RV. On a whim, she decided to message him regarding the adjustment to RV life.

Brought Together by RVs

Cane Creek Wedding

This was their initial meet cute, though Curtis was on the river at the time with 2 weeks left to go. The two texted and talked on the phone for 2 weeks, feeling an immediate connection. They were finally able to meet in person on the weekend of July 4th. They both felt instant soulmate chemistry. They both say they feel like they’ve finally found that other half that was missing, giving them new direction. All that was left to do? A Cane Creek wedding, of course.

A Beautiful Cane Creek Wedding

They wanted to get married at Cane Creek, because they both love the outdoors, and one of their first activities together was kayaking in the lake. They celebrated their wedding with a small, lakeside bonfire at sunset with a few close friends and family.

The newlywed couple is so grateful to Cane Creek for letting them get married on site, at the Marina. It was so memorable and special for them, setting the perfect scene.